Sunday, June 04, 2023
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Who We Are?

TransformationalSafety.Com is the world's leading provider of safety consulting services provided within the framework of the globally recognized transformational leadership models.

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World class technical safety consultants who have...

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What will the Collective Mindfulness Survey tell you?

The Transformational Safety® Collective Mindfulness (HRO) Personal Awareness Instrument has been specifically developed as a companion tool to the Transformational Safety® Culture Survey. Whilst the Transformational Safety® Culture Survey provides a very empirically sound and detailed analysis of the contemporary safety culture operating within a business, the Transformational Safety® Collective Mindfulness (HRO) Personal Awareness Instrument allows individuals to gain a personal understanding of where they see their organisation placed against the five (5) hallmarks of High Reliability Organizing (HRO).

Evidence shows that the consistent application of the HRO Hallmarks (within the green zones) acts as an enormously significant contribution towards the development and sustainability of positive safety decisions/behaviours within all operations. It does so by maximizing the likelihood of identifying toxic system deviations early (at the point of “just discernible”), and applying “positive variance” to bring things back toward a safety aware balance. The application of the HRO Hallmarks can add a level of flexibility and adaptability to an organisation, leading them toward the goal of “living resilience” within their underlying safety culture.

Here is an example of a standardized individual response profle.

HRO Plot Trans

By taking full advantage of the Radar Plot technologies embedded within the scoring matrices of the Collective Mindfulness Survey (Development Edition) participants shall be able to intuitively recognize where they, and their organizations, may need to focus more energy and attention.

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Thirty two years since Bhopal, thirty years since Chernobyl, twenty eight since Piper Alpha and what have we learned? 

Not much. After all, we have seen Texas City, Macondo, the Soma mine collapse, the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, and the list just goes on - all in the last ten years or so. Clearly what we have been doing has not been working. 


The time has come to take some real responsibility, and put some science back into safety. The time has come to transform your safety culture. The cost of not doing anything shall be further death and injury.

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